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NTT DATA can help you cut the costs of what is typically the most expensive area of your infrastructure while ensuring business continuity by rationalizing, consolidating, and pruning servers, applications, and data centers, eliminating waste, redundancy, and underutilization. With our data center capabilities including data center assessment, rationalization/virtualization, planning and implementation, and disaster recovery and business continuity, you can simplify operations, ensure the availability and reliability of servers and devices, and reduce resources, energy, and facility costs.


NTT DATA offers a range of Application Hosting Solutions designed to fit your organization's operational needs and budget requirements. We can help you manage your business applications more efficiently, reduce cost, and enable your organization to focus on its strategic initiatives. Importantly, access and use of your applications will be transparent to your end users, but at a fraction of the cost and with improved reliability. In addition, NTT DATA provides offshore SAP global hosting services that allow clients to consolidate operation and maintenance of SAP systems globally, reduce total IT costs, and solidify IT security.

IT Security

As a result of an increasing number of high-profile security breaches, organizations require defensive technologies that operate at maximum levels of efficiency while working behind the scenes to identify unusual activities and reducing exposures as quickly as possible. NTT DATA can help your organization implement a comprehensive security strategy that integrates security principles, policies, procedures, processes, and controls.

Contact Center Management

Contact centers have been evolving steadily for the past few decades from single channel call centers to integrated multi-channel centers handling telephone, fax, letter, e-mail and online live chat. NTT DATA can help you leverage your contact center as a strategic asset to provide superior customer service and increase customer loyalty.